20 Tran Cao Van, Da Kao, District 1, TP.HCM.

Why Weefee

From VND 80k / Day

Pocket WiFi rental pick up in Vietnan before you travel covering over 100 different countries available from VND 80k / day

Delivery or pick up

Collect from our HCMC/Hanoi office or our fast, reliable and convenient delivery service straight to your home/office.

Fast and reliable 4G

Our pocket WiFi are super fast and unlimited data. with 4G coverage.

Connect up to 10 devices

Stay connected and share your WiFi device with your travel companions. Up to 10 devices can be connected at any one time with our tiny router.

WHAT IS WEEFEE'S TRAVEL POCKET WIFI? Travel pocket WiFi is a device that helps you have an awesome travel experience. Imagine that you are in the middle of a nowhere in a country that you know nothing about; its roads, the language and you cannot contact your friends & family for help. At that time, Weefee's travel pocket WiFi is the only friend that can help you get out of that troubles & enjoy the trip hassle-free. If you are travelling in a group it is unnecessary to buy individual sim cards. Just rent one pocket WiFi and connect up to 10 people, offering further savings!

5 Reasons you should choose Weefee


  1. You do not need to waste your time worrying

    Preparing for online communication on your travels can be troublesome. Researching and locating the sim stores, how to stay connected to family and friends or worrying about how to continue to do your work remotely. With Weefee, book a pocket travel WiFi and let us take care of your problems from A to Z!

  2. You can avoid being left frustrated during your travels

    Enduring bad connection on Video calls with your beloved ones? Enduring slow and insecure public WiFi? Enduring lag in a business call? Relax and let Weefee’s stable connection help you stay connected!

  3. You can travel with confidence

    Travelling is fun but it can be daunting. Getting lost, getting scammed, feeling alone in a situation are a few scenarios. However, with Weefee gain the confidence to travel! You can access maps, access online translations, research tips and tricks and stay connected throughout your travels!

  4. No complications

    Buying a sim or renting a WiFi in the respective country each time you travel can be time consuming with research, activation, form registrations and procedures are all taken into account. With Weefee, just rent, turn on the device and you are good to go!

  5. Save your energy

    Do not waste your energy thinking about collecting and returning a WiFi device. With Weefee’s delivery service, stay in the comfort of your home/office and we will ship straight to you and collect when you return from your trip!