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Pocket Wi-Fi Rentals

Our pocket Wi-Fi devices are the latest models to date and can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously; offering the fastest and most reliable 4G connection. Our friendly support team will answer any questions you have, so give us a try and book online now.

Collect your wifi a day before your travel date and return the following day after your return free of charge.


Travel/Pocket WiFi is a small router that allows you to connect mobile data to use internet anywhere you go in more than 100 countries that Weefee have partnered with the local network providers.

Weefee offer our pocket WiFi for customers to rent before they travel abroad and enjoy unlimited internet connection. There is no need to switch sim cards or register with any carrier or vendor. Just carry our WiFi router with you and enjoy unlimited data on the go.

It is dependent on the policy of each mobile provider in different countries. Some countries do not limit the data & speed of the package and there also countries that limit the speed of the package when you reach the limit. The policy of each package is listed in detail on the product page, here.

When you use the pocket WiFi rental service of Weefee, you are guaranteed to be able to use the services. In the unlikely scenario that you are having troubles while using the WiFi, connect with the public access WiFi such as in airport, hotel or restaurant and contact us via our hotline on Zalo, viber or whatsapp. Our technical support staff will help you troubleshoot the problem. Besides that, we have also attached a troubleshooting guide in the WiFi package, you can try to troubleshoot yourself first, if it fails, we will support you.


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