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Australia & New Zealand 4G Sim – 15 Days


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Mua ngay sim 4G Úc và New Zealand tại Việt Nam với 1GB để thoải mái lướt net, up hình trong suốt cả tuần du lịch Úc và NewZealand Cùng với đó tốc độ 4G nhanh chóng giúp bạn cập nhật và duy trì liên lạc 24/24 mà không sợ mất net. Nhận SIM 4G Úc và New Zealand  ngay tại Việt Nam, không phải xếp hàng hay mất thời gian chờ đợi.

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Buy 4G Australia & New Zealand sim card with high speed and  6GB data. Stay connected with a 4G sim card you can use all throughout the country during your Australia & New Zealand travels. 

  • Conveniently receive the SIM card with a delivery service within Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City before your departure
  • Browse the web and find your way around this amazing country with 6GB worth of data at 4G speed
  • Non registration with carriers 
  • Save yourself from the expensive roaming charges of your network provider with this 4G SIM card

 With Weefee  4G Australia & New Zealand sim card

  • Sim card validity : 15 days
  • The 4G speed will be limited to 3G (with unlimited data) after you fully consumed the 6GB allowance
  • If you need any helps or supports, feel  free to contact us via Hotline HCM:096.981.3781 or Hotline Hanoi 093.2748.795 (Viber, Zalo, Whatapps)


  • Mobile Hotspot: this feature is available, but the device configuration may affect .
  • Data usage only, no calling.
  • Top-up is unavailable.

How to use: 

  • Plug the SIM card into your phone
  • Turn on “Cellular Data” and “Data Roaming” setting of your phone
  • Please read the instruction on the package for more details

In case you inserted sim card and turned on Cellular Data, but it could not connect. Please follow the instructions below:

Power on your device -> Turn off Cellular Data and Data Roaming -> Turn on Cellular Data and Data Roaming. If your device still does not work, please do these steps


  1. Settings -> Cellular -> Turn on Cellular Data -> Cellular Data Options -> Cellular Data Network -> Full out APN: “3gnet“.
  2. Save.
  3. Restart your device.


  1. Settings -> Connection -> Mobile Network -> Access Point Names -> Add:

    Name: 3gnet
    APN: 3gnet
    Authentication Type: CHAP or PAP

  2. Save and choose the new access point with the name ‘3gnet’.
  3. Turn on Cellular Data and Data Roaming
  4. Restart your device.


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