JAPAN Expert

Japan pocket Wi-Fi is our area of expertise. Our team offers great advice which pocket wifi network offers the best coverage for your area of travel.

  • Q: Our clients frequently ask what's the difference in each network and why certain network is more suitable at for example Hokkaido then Osaka.

  • A: At Y5Buddy, we partner with all of the biggest local telecomm providers in Japan. Each mobile network has its's black spots (area with poor signal) due to coverage area. Also, because of the price difference of each plan, our expert team can give you the best advice to help you save money and enjoy the most stable connection.

Simply give us a call or fill in your travel destination in Japan and our team will arrange the most suitable network/model for you.

Tip: Japan Pocket wifi plans are also different to their sim card plans even if it’s running on the same network. For example, there are B-mobile sim cards on the market which are advertise as running the Docomo network but the actual speed and coverage area of these sim cards is far worse then that of the actual Pocket wifi data plan. There are companies outside which falsely mislead the public by misinform them that their wifi is running on the Docomo network where in reality it’s just a unlocked pocket wifi with a B-mobile sim card plugged in. So to spot the genuine Docomo pocket wifi plan to their false imitations. Make sure the pocket wifi is manufactured by Docomo itself and clearly has the Docomo sign imprinted on the pocket wifi itself.

Y5buddy’s latest Japan wifi model has a maximum download speed of 150Mbs and runs on a 800Mhz correspondence frequency giving you a stable connection even in the most remote parts of Japan. 

KOREA Expert

Korea pocket Wi-Fi is our area of expertise. Our partner network LG U+ offers the most reliable and extensive coverage network in comparison. 

Our pocket wifi eggs long lasting battery life and truly Unlimited data plan (no slow down after certain limit, always 4G in 4G coverage areas) are longer lasting and faster then 95% of other existing pocket wifi's available at the market and with low rates starting from just $35 HKD per day, makes Y5buddy your default choice for Korea pocket wifi rental.